Ritz Theater FAQs and Policies

Ritz Theatre FAQ’s and Policies


Outside Food, Drink, and Candy

Outside food and drink items are strictly prohibited! Persons caught inside the theater with such items will result in their removal from the theater without refund. This is considered a violation of our admissions policy and invalidates the ticket purchase.


As some people have learned, the Ritz Theatre accepts MoviePass™. The theater accepts this promotion in accordance with the terms and conditions of the promotion and the following internal company policy:

The Ritz Theatre MoviePass™ Policy

  1. Per the terms at https://www.moviepass.com/terms/ only the person whose name is on the card may use it. We require valid photo-ID to verify the card is yours, if we suspect fraud we may report it to the company at our discretion, and you may be subject to “Misuse fees” per their terms.
  2. All MoviePass™ customers are asked to check into the app before entering the line for the box office.
  3. It is the MoviePass™ customer’s responsibility to be familiar with the terms, conditions, and procedures of the program.
  4. Shows and show times listed on the MoviePass™ app are not a guarantee of service, and are not provided by the Ritz Theater. All shows and times listed are subject to change.
  5. Per the MoviePass™ terms of service “2.15. MoviePass is not directly affiliated or associated with any theater chains. All references to theaters and showtimes do not imply direct or indirect affiliation. All listed theaters do not necessarily have the ability to accept MoviePass, and their listing on this site does not imply such. MoviePass makes all efforts to accurately list theaters and showtimes available to the general public, and listed theaters and showtimes may be subject to change.”
  6. We reserve the right to refuse to honor a MoviePass™ at any time for any reason, and may discontinue our participation in the program at any time without prior notice.

All references to the MoviePass™ terms of service come from https://www.moviepass.com/terms/ as of 2/15/2018

The Ritz Theater General Rules

This policy is posted inside the main entrance to the theater as well as publicly here.
All persons entering the theater agree to abide by the following rules:

Admissions Policy

All persons must have a ticket in accordance with the theater’s admissions policy (infants and children under 2 are excepted). Persons found inside the theater auditorium(s) without a valid ticket and without the permission of the theater management are guilty of Trespassing. Persons found inside the theater auditoriums(s) without a valid ticket will be prosecuted for Theft By Deception and assessed a penalty admission price of 10 times the regular admission rate. Persons found aiding in these crimes may be charged as an accessory.

All persons are required to follow the instructions of theater personnel

R-Rated Movies Policy

Persons must be at least 17 and may be required to provide a valid ID to verify age to purchase a ticket to an R rated feature. We reserve the right to require a parent or guardian to purchase a ticket for a person under 17. We also reserve the right to deny admission to a person under the age of 17 without a parent or guardian purchasing their ticket, or those who appear to be under the age of 17 and unable to produce valid photo ID.


For the safety of our patrons and employees, running in the auditorium(s) or lobby, horseplay, or any other behavior deemed unsafe by the theater personnel is prohibited.


Large Bags, Backpacks, and Large Purses

For the safety of our customers and staff, large bags, large purses (over 12 inches), diaper bags, and backpacks should be left in you vehicle. If you need access to them during the show please ask the theater staff before exiting the theater.

Cell Phone Use

Due to copyright law concerns and for the enjoyment of all our guests, Cell Phone use of any kind inside the theater auditoriums is not permitted at any time. If you have an emergency please step into the lobby.

Use of Cameras

The use of cameras of any kind is not permitted at any time inside the theater auditoriums without the prior consent of the theater management, use of any camera at any time during the showing (including ads and previews) will result in your removal from the theater and potential referral to law enforcement.

Recording or taking pictures of any part of the movie is investigated by the FBI and can result in severe criminal and civil penalties!


Weapons are not permitted in the theater except in accordance with Utah Code.


The possession, consumption, or being under the influence of alcohol is prohibited at our theater and is a violation of state and local law. “Consuming or having an open container of alcohol in the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle is prohibited. Also, as a general rule, a person may not bring an alcoholic beverage onto the premises of an establishment open to the general public if it is to be consumed on the premises.” http://abc.utah.gov/laws/law_faqs.html Persons found violating this rule will be turned over to local law enforcement!

Smoking and E-Cigarettes

Smoking, including the use of E-Cigarettes, is not permitted anywhere inside the theater or within 25 feet of any opening on the exterior of the theater.


Refunds on admission will only be given in the form of a pass to return another night.

Refusal of Service

The theater management reserves the right to refuse service to any person for any reason.

Seating Assignments

The theater management reserves the right to make seating assignments in the auditoriums.

Change of Policies

The theater management reserves the right to change these policies at any time.

Changes to Penalties for Violations

The theater management reserves the right to issue warnings, instead of expulsion from the theaters. This is at the discretion of the manager on duty at the time.