Pokémon Go

With the popularity of Pokémon Go I thought it prudent to get this information out fast as the theaters appear to be listed as Pokéstops in the game.
While we want people to enjoy themselves, we need the cooperation of persons playing the game to ensure the enjoyment of the movies for those that aren’t.
At the Ritz Theater, we have a policy (posted on the wall as you come in the front door) of no cell phone use in the auditorium except in emergency situations while there is an image being projected on the screen. This policy is partly because the use of a cell phone and its screen interrupts the movie for everyone else, and partially due to concerns about copyright violations. It is very difficult for us to tell from a distance if you are recording the movie, texting, or playing a game. Use of your device is permitted before the previews start only, once there is a picture on the screen it needs to be put on silent and away. If you are found using your phone during the screening, at the discretion of the manager on duty you may be warned to put the device away or removed from the theater without refund if you are interrupting the movie for our other patrons in our sole judgement.
We also ask that you restrict yourselves to the public areas of the theater in your hunts for Pokémon. These areas are the two public lobbies, the seating area of the main auditorium (excluding the stage and emergency exits), and the public restrooms; although we hate to imagine what kind of Pokémon you may be chasing in there.
Please remember you’ve come out to enjoy a movie on the big screen, you can ignore your tiny pocket screen for 2 hours or so.
I apologize if this sounds too harsh, but there are several people we’ve had dealings with in the past that if I don’t specify things like this they try to take advantage of perceived loopholes.