Happenings at The Ritz

I had hinted in an earlier post about some changes coming at the theater in the next month. In the last set of elections, several tax increases were approved in addition to several of the county taxing agencies raising their rates as well. Because we are operating as a discount theater now, these increases meant we had to find ways to either cut costs or increase revenues to pay for them. Over the last few months we’ve examined our options and reached a compromise on balancing cost cutting with a few price changes.
First, rather than raising admission again so soon after the last increase, we chose to cut some redundant services. We will be eliminating one of the phone lines at The Ritz to save on that monthly cost. Very shortly the phone number of 435-882-9902 will be disconnected, however, the information line of 435-882-2273 will remain in service. Direct contact with the theater will remain possible in person during normal business hours, on Facebook, or through our website/blog. I will also be setting up an email address that you may use to contact us.
Second, due to the tax increases and increasing costs from Pepsi, we have slightly raised the prices on drinks at the theater. In order to keep our goal of being able to offer admission for 2 and the purchase of a combo under $20, we have changed the sizes of our candy offerings and lowered their price. This allowed us to keep the costs of the combos the same, while also increase the variety of candy offerings we feature.
Third, by eliminating the phone line we were able to change the way we process credit and debit card transactions in such a way that we have increased the speed they are processed. This has reduced the wait times caused by people using credit and debit cards significantly since we changed the system last month. Because of the effect this has had at The Ritz, we are looking at implementing a similar system at The Motor Vu when we open for the 2016 season. I’ll share more on the changes coming at The Motor Vu this year once we are closer to our projected opening date.
We hope that you can understand the need for these changes, as we are already operating on a very slim margin. Our goal is to provide quality service at an affordable price, and these changes should help us continue to do so.